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Hi! Macky here … following the idea in Eating for Energy, I  just ate a cob of yellow corn in the raw …

eating for energy benefits img

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Whoaah!  It’s crunchier, tastier, and sweeter compared to when it’s cooked!

I’ve done reading the Eating for Energy ebook from cover-to-cover,  and  I must confirm, that it’s probably the best raw food diet program online.


If you want these benefits, then Eating for Energy is for You!


If you want actionable information to live a healthy everyday life, this book is for you.

If you are the type who wants to lose weight permanently healthily, Eating for Energy is for you.

If you are the type who wants energy from natural sources and hate the feeling of “sugar drops”,  Eating for Energy is for you.

If you want to be heart-disease-free, cancer-free, and diabetes-free …  or,  to recover from ailments fast, Eating for Energy is for you.

If you want glowing and younger-looking skin, with thick “original” hair –Eating for Energy is for you.

If you want to belong to the elite group of people who defy age and live life to the fullest, then Eating for Energy is for you.


Life in Eating for Energy

Look at the two images below.  These photos were taken using electrophotography, or Kirlian photography.  Notice the amount of “glow”  or “aura” or “corona effect”  around them.

Eating for Energy Food energy life force

Which image glows more?

The image on your right has a pronounced glow compared to the left. That glow is the “life energy” that is present in the objects.

What are these images?

Both are stems of organic broccoli. The left was steamed (not cooked)  for “only” 2 minutes. The right was left – raw.

Is that not dramatic?

Which food types then, do you think would give you more life?

Your guess is as good as mine.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

Eating for Energy,  My “Discoveries”

In my earlier post, I revealed that I’m already a “50-50” raw food practitioner (sometimes more, more times,  less). When I encountered Eating for Energy, I got motivated to increase this ratio to at least “60-40”. I wanted to target “80-20”, but I didn’t find it realistic and attainable.

(I have 3 growing up boys, and it’s hard to separate my meals from them. )

In my first two weeks, I believe that I succeeded in increasing my raw foods to “60-40”. Not  every day, but on the average, it is.

eating for energy fruitsvegsLet me then share with you the things that come to my mind right off the bat about what reading  the Eating for Energy program:

–          Man is the only  “animal” who cooks his food.

–          Cancer cells grow and thrive in an “acidic” environment and therefore cannot  live  in an “alkaline” state. (We were born with a body that is in an alkaline state.)

–          Sesame seeds, not milk,  are pound-for-pound, the richest source of calcium!

–          Squirrels instinctively bury chestnut seeds to allow them to germinate before eating them! Their genes just know that it is more nutritious when “sprouted”

–          Losing weight permanently can be achieved by cultivating a diet rich in plant-based raw foods (e.g. raw fruits and vegetables,  seeds, and sprouts).

–          Society is getting “sicker” despite technological advances (more diabetes, more obese people, more people dying of cancer, and heart diseases)

–          Eating “raw” gives you energy comparable to drinking coffee because of the enzymes those living (raw) food contains.

–          That the simplest solution to living longer, slimmer, and healthier, is by reverting to our original body composition of being slightly alkaline, than acidic … and this is achieved by …

–          eating more living (raw) plant-based whole foods!

And this is explained very well in Eating for Energy.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!


                        Eating for Energy, My Experiences

What can knowledge of Eating for Energy do for you?

eating for energy rawfood1If you follow the Eating for Energy nutrition program, you can expect the following changes that I have experienced:

–          my energy and vitality have increased. I now take coffee sparingly – only when I miss it’s aroma!

–          Because of this, my productivity has improved. I can now concentrate for 4 hours straight with a 3 minute break in-between, when before, I can hardly do a focused 2 hours.

–          I lost weight, 10-15 pounds,  without craving for food. I Feel  lighter, nimbler, and stronger!

–          My skin is shinier with a new glow. My hair is darker and my white hairs have begun to “hide” and disappear.

–          I contracted cough and colds, and they went away after just a day!

–          My urine pH increased from 6.0 (acid) to 7.5 (alkaline)!

–          I feel much better and more confident as if I can take on the world and not fear failing!

I experienced all of these just by increasing my Eating for Energy  raw food intake diet from “50-50” to “60-40” …. Can you imagine then what I could have achieved if I can ante up to “80-20”!


Update on Yuri Elkaim, Author of Eating for Energy

At the end of the Eating for Energy book,  I found these things from the book itself on page 352.

eating for energy yuri2–          Yuri Elkaim graduated summa cum laude (wow!) with a Bachelors of Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto.

–           He is a Certified Kinesiologist and considered by many as Canada’s Top Fitness and Wellness Coach.

–          He is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the current Head Coach of Strength & Conditioning and nutrition for the University of Toronto men’s soccer program.

In my previous post  ** on Eating for Energy – A Thoughtful Review”, I wondered aloud what those letters after his name were (e.g. Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK,  RHN).

Now, it can be told.

“BPHE” must be “Bachelors of Physical Health and Education” … “CK” is Certified Kinesiologist … and, “RHN” is Registered Holistic Nutritionist … puzzle solved!

He has 12 years of Strength & Conditioning and nutrition experience working with such companies as the Sports Clubs of Canada & Station 7 Reebok.

Before founding his company, Yuri enjoyed playing professional soccer for 3 years. As one of the top goalkeepers in Canada, he played two years with the Toronto Lynx of the North American A-League (2000, 2001) and one year with Lille OSC of the French 1st division (2003 – reserves). His playing career was also marked by stints with Bolton Wanderers FC, Norwich City FC, and Sao Paulo FC.

During his collegiate years, Yuri was named a 2-time All-Canadian, OUA All-Star, and team MVP/captain with the University of Toronto Men’s Soccer team before acting as the program’s Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, helping the team capture OUA gold and silver medals, and 2nd, 4th and 5th place finishes at the National Championships.

Yuri wrote the first ever off-season program and conditioning manual (85 pages in length) for the University of Toronto Soccer Program. With his help, since 2002, the Varsity Blues have consistently fielded some of the fittest men’s soccer teams ever seen at the University of Toronto, consistently ranking in the top 3 soccer programs in the country.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

Enzymes = (Eating for) Energy

Dr. Edward Howell, in his book “Enzyme Nutrition”, illustrates how enzymes benefit the body and guard it from disease.

He writes that there are thousands of different enzymes that revitalize our body systems like the blood, heart, lungs, guts, brain, lungs …. The body needs thousands of different enzymes to function properly.

eating for energy enzyme-food-breakdown

There are 2  kinds of enzymes: digestive and metabolic.  Most are produced in the body’s pancreas.

(Now I know why cancer of the pancreas is such a deadly disease… people who are diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas do not live very long.)

Digestive enzymes, as the name implies, digests food.  It breaks down food into nutrients which the blood via the digestive system, then carries to the different parts of the body.

Metabolic enzymes   help absorb nutrients and convert them to energy. They also kill the elements which cause diseases

Here’s one site that I’ve come across in my research. It  details how “enzyme therapy” has cured himself of Lyme disease (Metabolic Enzymes! Very Important In My Recovery!)

Now …

If you eat food that are enzyme-rich (raw  food), your will body use less digestive enzymes. These “extra” enzymes are then made available to act as metabolic enzymes.

And …

Since metabolic  enzymes convert nutrients to energy – your body becomes more energetic!

Can anything be simpler than that?


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!


Sneak Peek … Eating for Energy

Let me give you a “sneak peek” of what you can find in Eating for Energy.

Here’s a synopsis of Chapter 11, “ The 5 Essential Pillars” of Eating for Energy.

In order to have more energy, achieve your ideal weight, become  fit and strong, live a long and healthy life free of disease —  there are 5 essential pillars you must incorporate into your daily life.

1.   Alkalize your body.
An acidic  body is disease-prone, and a host for cancer cells.

Do what ?

Eat more vegs and greens!  ….  Start your day with a __???__ drink! .… Coffee, boon or bane – anyone?

2.  Nourish your body with enzyme-rich, living, plant-based whole foods.
This is the essence of the Eating for Energy nutritional philosophy. If you can’t like me (at the moment, I can’t go 100%) … target 60%, but 80% is better.

eatingf for energy papaya3. Increase digestion and absorption.
Improved digestion and absorption reduces weight and increase intake of **all**, not just some,  nutrients from the food that you eat into your body… What’s the use of eating good food if your body doesn’t absorb them?

Good news – eating raw improves digestion and absorption! Two birds in one stone!

Here are some trivia questions:

Is it good to drink water while eating? Why, or why not?

Is it good to eat sweets (desserts, fruits) right after your meal? Why, or why not?

If cooked foods are eaten, try to eat only one type per meal (TRUE or FALSE) … and eat them with    g__???__    v__???__

Fruit is best eaten alone because it is highly enzymatic and self-digesting, TRUE or FALSE?

You can find the answers on pages 150-160.

4. Reduce stress (emotional, physical, chemical, etc…)

This may be one of the most important elements to a long and healthy life. Even though whole living foods can help you fend off stress to a certain degree, being able to manage and minimize your stress is vitally important.

Here’s one tip found in Eating for Energy:

Deep Breathing Technique

When you’re ready to unwind, meditate, or simply de-stress you will find deep breathing to be of great benefit.

Try using the following breathing ratio: 1:4:2. The means that you inhale for 1, hold for 4, and release for 2.

Eating for Energy suggests that you multiply this ratio by at least 3 times so that you actually inhale for 3 seconds, hold the breath for 12 seconds, and slowly release for 6 seconds.

The longer you can extend the ratios, the more benefit you will receive from this exercise. Repeat for several minutes until you feel your state become more relaxed, centered, and liberated.

This is a very relaxing method of breathing that can literally be done anywhere

5. Exercise on a regular basis

Do cardio exercises 2-4 times a week,  strength training 2-4 times a week, and stretching with 20-30  seconds holds especially  after  exercises when he body has built up the toxic lactic acid. Deep breathe.

You can find more of this when you download your copy of Eating for Energy ebook.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

What I didn’t like about Eating for Energy …

Making the change can be hard for the unmotivated. Especially if you are a meat-lover who salivate at the thought of those juicy kobe meats and Salisbury steaks.

The Eating for Energy program can be “life-changing” for the ordinary guy and gal. It will mean an overhaul of one’s eating lifestyle.

This program is not for the half-hearted, or the “me-too” crowd.

Adopting the Eating for Energy lifestyle is reserved for those of you who are strong-willed, “I-can”, live-life-healthy-to-the-max crowd.

Eating for Energy is for those who take %100 percent responsibility for their actions

The good thing is –  making the change can be one small step at a time.  I didn’t start, or end at 100%. I’m only targeting a realistic 60-80% (that’s just me) and it already has done wonders for me.

Also,  Eating for Energy has addressed that problem.  It has devoted a whole chapter for those who will go through a lifestyle transition. (See Chapter 9, “Making the Transition”).

Any Bonuses when I buy Eating for Energy?

Yes, there’s a lot of  bonuses worth $1290.

Click here to see the ** eating for energy bonuses**.

eating for energy Free $1290 bonuses

Unannounced  Bonuses!

There are also 2 “unannounced” bonus  which I am announcing here. You’ll find them in the download page when you buy Eating for Energy.

(I haven’t named them anyway, have I?)

Any Upsells before I own Eating for Energy?

Yes, there is.

If you are like me, I don’t like any upsells.

But this one, I liked.

It’s the perfect companion to your Eating for Energy program composed of 9 additional tools. One of them is the MP3 audio of the Eating for Energy ebook. You can now listen to them while you are driving or working out in the gym, or just plain lazing around.

eating for energy 3bens upsell bestlifeever

They’re valued at $1200 and sells for $97. But you can add it to your investment at a 41% discount of $57!

I bought them, and I strongly urge you to also grab them, like I did, and thousands more before us.

Another thing (trivia) – just how hot is hot when it comes to cooked food?

Research shows that food becomes “dead” at 118 degrees-Fahrenheit (or, 47.8 degrees- Centigrade). An approximate measure is when you touch something hot and your finger, by reflex, rebounds.

Any Satisfaction Guarantees?

eating for energy guarantee

Yes. Unconditional 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Recommendation: Own ‘Eating for Energy’

Live your life to the fullest, enjoy the freedom of good health when you follow the guidelines in Eating for Energy.

Click below and grab your Eating for Energy copy now!

eating for energy bot-downloadeating for energy  grab your copy of EFE 2


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Eating for Energy Review — Initial Thoughts

I’ve been a raw food advocate and a “yo-yo” practitioner for years.  In my search for a reliable information on raw foods, I’ve come across many materials and the guide that stands out above the rest, for me, is Yuri Elkaim’s Eating for Energy.

It is probably the best book on raw food diet.

Eating for Energy  deals on the benefits,  and the how’s and the why’s of raw food as it concerns your health.

Eating for Energy’s creator, Yuri Elkaim, appears to have compiled a humongous cache of knowledge that he was able to write a book that is exactly 359 pages long.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles  Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!


What has Eating for Energy got to do with raw foods?

You may be wondering — what has eating raw food got to do with getting more energy?

Well … raw food is rich in enzymes.

eating for energy raw cacaoEnzymes  are substances that speed up bio-chemical reactions. They lower their so-called “activation energies” which result to  a much faster rate of reaction.

So with less time, less energy is consumed.

The energy you save is the energy you gain.

To help you remember:

ENzyme = ENergy

More enzymes, more energy.

But the problem is, the human body has only a finite reserve of enzymes used for digestion and metabolic processes.

Cooked food forces our body to “withdraw” from its enzyme “bank account”.

The more your body digests food, the more enzymes it consumes. The more “dead” the food is, the more digestion it requires.

More digestion, more enzymes used.

On the other hand, raw food — since it is full of enzymes —  it “deposits”, rather than withdraws, from the body’s enzyme bank account.

So, how is raw food related to energy?

Here it is …

Enzymes increase the body’s energy levels…  .

Raw food is full of enzymes.

Therefore, by transition, raw food increases energy.

Symbolically, as explained very well in the Eating for Energy ebook:

enzymes ===> energy
raw food ===> enzymes
therefore:  raw food ===> energy!


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

What’s inside the “Eating for Energy” book?

The following is a transcription of the Table of Contents of the Eating for Energy ebook:

Table of Contents

Eating for Energy
Understanding the Nutritional Lifestyle

1-  My Reason Why……………………………………………………….8
2 – Planting the Seeds of Foundation…………………………………20
3 – We’re No Longer in Kansas…………………………………………24
4 – The Germ is Nothing, the Environment is Everything…………..34
5 – Enzymes…Your Life Depends on Them…………………………..54

Eating for Energy
Living the Nutritional Lifestyle Success Guide

6 – Creating an Alkaline Internal Environment ………………..………..71
7 – 12 Eating for Energy Superfoods…………………………………….93
8 – Bring in the Reinforcements – 4 Essential Supplements………..114
9 – Making the Transition…………………………………………………122
10 – pH Balance and Allergies…….……………………………………..134
11 – The 5 Essential Pillars………………………………………………….141

Eating for Energy – Nutrition for Athletes………………………………..171

Eating for Energy – 12-Week Meal Plan……………………………………190

Eating for Energy – Healthy Recipe Guide………………………….………..218

Eating for Energy – Smoothie and Juice Guide……………………………..300


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

Does “Eating for Energy” work?

Yes.  Eating for Energy works  for me.

I wrote in my introduction that I’m a “yo-yo” raw food practitioner.  I can vouch that whenever I eat “like a bird” for the day (like when I’m just at home, no need to go outside for work), I feel so energetic,  so mind-sharp, and so alert. My “poop” is so “smooth” and firm, and my mood is so upbeat.

Also,  in the rare times that I get sick, I turn 100% raw, and I typically recover in just a day.

You might be asking – why not  be 100% raw food “all the way”?

I’d love to, but environmental “distractions” beat me “some of the times”. I eat the “left-overs” of my kids, for one.

Anyway,  here are 3 stories from other  actual users of Eating for Energy  from amongst 20,000-plus that Yuri Elkaim says that he has helped to date, prior to me. You see, I just found his book lately.

The first tells of her weight loss. The second, says his white hair is turning “darker”  again. The third, a diabetic, raves that his blood sugar went down by 50 points in ” just a week “!

  • Liam M.  from Australia said he lost 29 pounds of fat,  solved his gas problems,  gets more sleep longer and easily, and feels the energy of an athlete after 5 weeks of following Yuri’s program.

He said that he underwent a one week detoxification program when he  listened to Anthony Robbins rave about raw foods. Then he found the Eating for Energy program online and immediately got hold of it.

He found Eating for Energy to be the “most comprehensive and informative guide to eating for energy, nutrition, and health.”

He decided to take on raw foods which he believed contain lots more energy than cooked food.

Guided by the Eating for Energy book, he lists the following positive outcomes. No more sugar cravings because he has found a raw chocolate recipe as a  substitute,

–          Loss of 25 pounds in 5 weeks

–          Long and restful  sleep,

–          No more flatulent feeling after meals,

–          No need for “siesta” or after-meal naps because he feels more energetic,

Because of these, Liam has  become a  passionate endorser  of the Eating for Energy nutrition system to his family, relatives, and  friends.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

  •  Francis P. of  Australia said that his hair used to be white and grey, now it is brown and grey, and becoming darker.

He believes  that  raw food juice recipes has relieved him from chronic bladder infections and the required antibiotics.

He tells that he’s had “constipation all my life” and that it’s gone, too. Also, he raves that the sore patches on his skin have also been a thing of the past.

Eating for Energy’s teaching made him remember about sprouting and he’s taken it again to grow his own “enzyme powerhouse seeds” with “very good results” such as those cited above.


  •  Cynthia F. of  Florida, USA  wrote that after just one week of  following  the Eating for Energy nutrition program — she noted  the following “incredible changes”:

–        “Blood sugar numbers decreased by 50 points”.  She’s  had diabetes for 10 years.

–        Chronic bacterial vaginitis has  “miraculously” disappeared.

–        Energy level  has significantly increased, and

–        Bowel movements has become more regular at  2-3 times a day instead of 2-3 a week.

Obviously, Eating for Energy  worked for them.

But to be on the “safe” side, let me print my “little health disclaimer” about this:

Different people  may react differently.  Your results, if ever  you follow the Eating for Energy program may be different for the simple reason that your body is different from the rest. If you have medical issues, consult a medical professional.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

 Why Choose “Eating for Energy” ?

I chose the Energy for Eating book as a resource for my raw food diet program (and I bet, you should, too, like the 20,000 others before me) because:

    1. Energy for Eating saves you valuable research time.  It is comprehensive. It’s like a “one-stop” shop for your raw food diet concerns.
    2. It saves you money. For an equivalent of a nice dinner meal for two, you get valuable life-long nutrition secrets that only a “handful”  of serious health aficionados know about. (This is very sad.)
    3. Energy for Eating your issue is weight loss, the Eating for Energy program results in permanent weight loss without the need for starving yourself or working out too much that it takes the fun out of it.
    4. If your issue is looking younger sans cosmetics – this is your answer!
    5. If your issue is over-all health – again look no further.  Eating for Energy explains in a simple layman’s language, the how and why of “acidity” versus “alkalinity” and why choosing the former over the latter is your key to optimum health and longevity.

I still marvel at the way Energy for Eating explained the “polarity” of the oxygen-carrying red blood cell and how an acid environment “neutralizes” it which then cascades into a host of medical problems down the road (hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and its host of complications like kidney problem, eye problem,  more heart  problems, and nervous system problems).

In addition, Eating for Energy, contains three sections that you cannot find anywhere else in one publication. (Again, saves  you research time,  and therefore, saves you money and energy.)

  • Nutrition for Athletes . All top-level athletes know and appreciate that their athletic performance is governed primarily by the ability of their body to recover.  They know that eating the “right food”, and a “healthy lifestyle” is key so that they can repair and heal their bodies fast after a bruising game or a hard work-out.
  •  12 Week Meal Plan. This provides an indispensable road map that lets you start “cold” and finish “hot” (at least 80% raw) by the end of the third month.
  •  Healthy Recipe Guide – breakfast cereals, soups, sandwiches and wraps, salads, dressings, dips, and sauces, pastas and noodle dishes, other “mains” and “sides”, desserts (yes! Desserts!) … smoothies and juices

For me, it is also important that Eating for Energy is written by someone, Yuri Elkaim, who is obviously passionate about his health and your health!


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

 Anything else that I need to know about the Eating for Energy book?

The Eating for Energy is a complete guide for a raw food diet program. Raw food diets give you the maximum bang for the food you eat.

Small Negative …

However,  the Eating for Energy nutrition program may not be an “easy” program to follow. You need to be really motivated about your health, or your weight, or  your diabetes, or your  “high blood”,  or how you look, or how you feel.

That is why …

Yuri Elkaim wrote Chapter 9 (Making the Transition) to smooth things out.

The price of the  Eating for Energy book?

… $39 … equivalent of a nice dinner for two.

Any guarantees for the Eating for Energy book?

Money-back satisfaction is guaranteed within 60 days.

 Any bonuses?

Eating for Energy gives free add-ons worth $1,290. To learn more, click below:

eating for energy Free $1290 bonuses


Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!


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Yuri Elkaim and Eating For Energy

Yuri Elkeim  is the owner and creator of Eating for Energy ebook.

yuri elkaimHe has these titles appended to his name: “BPHE, CK, RHN”. I did a little snooping and found out that BPHE stands for Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Program 

My Note: “CK” must be Certificate (?)  in Kinesiology, and RHN must be Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Yuri Elkaim, Pro Soccer Player, Kinesiologist

He is a former professional soccer player. He graduated in college with a degree in Kinesiology.

Kinesiology aka “human kinetics”, is the “study of human (and animal) movement involving the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and neuroscience.”

As an elite soccer player, Yuri Elkaim kept feeling that his level of energy was low despite the physical regimen that he undertook, and the “healthy” food that he ate.

When he ended his soccer career, he studied holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where he discovered the inter-relationship of food and the human body.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Explain 3 Nutrition Principles That Boosts Your Energy and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

He remembered that when was 17, he lost his hair because of a disease condition called Alopecia, where the body attacks it own hair follicles.

He consulted with hair specialists and MDs, but the solution they always gave, were prescription drugs like cortisone injections.

This only made him angry because they were not addressing the root of his hair problem.

As Yuri Elkaim got into nutrition deeper, it dawned on him that his forced baldness was in fact related to the food that eats, and to the condition of his digestive tract which breaks down his food and funnels it into his bloodstream!

Today, he has overcome his Alopecia … but he would rather sport his old head because he has come to love it. Besides he says, it is “low-maintenance”.

Yuri Elkaim tells the story of his grandfather whom he loves so much.

His grandfather appeared very sharp and strong when he was living a healthy lifestyle in Australia. He had his own garden which provided him rich organic food. He had lots of physical activities,  lots of fresh air, and lots of quality time with his family.


Watch Yuri Elkaim Explain 3 Nutrition Principles That Boosts Your Energy and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!

His grandfather’s health deteriorated when he went back to Canada at age 75.

He became gloomy, forgot to maintain his healthy lifestyle, and didn’t prepare healthy food as he used to.  In a short time, he developed a host of ailments and died shortly thereafter.

Yuri Elkaim says that this was one of the reasons (aside from his being “bald”, which he found out was preventable, and his hair, recoverable) …  why he wrote the book  Eating for Energy

He declares that it has become his passion to help and motivate people to live their lives to the fullest possible – which cannot be achieved if you are not leading a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kind of food.

For as Hippocrates said –

“Let thy food be your medicine, and thine medicine be your food.”

The thing is, people are generally reactive.

People usually act after the fact.  And as Yuri Elkaim points out – you can be fit, without being healthy.

People normally doesn’t care about their health – until it is too late.

That is why, Yuri Elkaim, wrote Eating for Energy. #


Watch Yuri Elkaim Explain 3 Nutrition Principles That Boosts Your Energy and Make You Lose Weight Permanently!



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